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Problems End When We Start Listening

Listening to your pet is not about what they should do or what you want out of him, it is a two way street where each one understands and accepts one other as individual personalities

About Us

About Us

Over the years, All Ears has connected with over a thousand animals spread across more than 50 countries and 4 continents. This helped us in developing a method of training pets that is not about forcing an 'ideal behavior' out of them, rather establish the relationship of mutual love and trust between a pet and his family. We believe, training is not about how well you can control your dog, not at all. Training is about giving your dog the freedom, trusting him to be aware of what has been taught to him as acceptable behavior, at the same time looking at you as a pack leader for guidance and direction. 


To simply put it, we asked the animals how they would like to be trained and taken care of, and they gave us the answers!

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No Treats

No Choke Chains

No Tricks

Training through

Help Me! My Dog is:

& Biting

Biting furniture, destroying your favourite shoes or pulling your clothes?

Barking all
the time

Barking at anything and everything? Time to learn what is he trying to say!

Aggressive &

Biting and growling on frequent occasions? Worried about an attack?

A Rescue

Recently adopted a rescue? Helping them cope with stress or pain?

on Leash

Not able to walk on a leash without pulling? Always running ahead on a leash?

Not good at
his Recall

Want to leave your dog

off-leash but worried he'll not come back on cue?

Having issues
in behavior

Not able to understand what your dog is trying to say to you? We can help you listen

A Pup to start his training

Got a new pup home and unsure of how to train him? Offering the best program!

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