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Behavioral Consultation

Got some issues, mate? Talk it out!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Mumbai

About the Session

At times don't we all need a friend to just talk to about what's really going on? Someone to help us understand how can we tweak our personality to derive better results around us? A combination of communication and training assists us in understanding what is causing a sudden behavioral shift in our animals. This helps both the parties, the animal as well as the family reach a common middle ground and work together to solve the problem on a root level rather than just shifting things on the surface level. Our dogs require a little help and guidance in getting back on track and that is what All Ears is here for. In a session of 60-90 minutes, we communicate with the animal as well as the family on what they would like differently and apply those ideal behaviors through training techniques suited to the natural attributes of your dog. This way, both the parties are not spending days facing each other to fight or flight, rather are standing alongside as a team to solve the problem.

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