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What's in a Leash?

A leash is a man-made concept as a tool to teach our dogs the appropriate way to walk. Unfortunately, in today's day and time pet parents depend on the leash throughout the dog's life, offering limited freedom and restricted opportunties to our dogs to explore.

All Ears is here to change that!


We believe a leash is a form of guidance, not as a form of control. At All Ears, we teach pet parents how to PARTNER with dogs on their routine walks to make it an adventure of a lifetime! Thus leading to happy, harmonious and healthy dogs!

We say, it's the most important tool to guide your dog

            At All Ears, every product is crafted with love, loyalty and luxury

Dual Grip to Guide your dog better


Spending a lifetime with dogs, all our products are an outcome of what they found most comfortable and learnt best in, whether it was the dual grip leash or the mental enrichment toys we curate.

Smoothened Texture for Stronger Grip

Cotton Material with Rounded Edges

As a Pet Parent ourselves, we know how important it is to provide nothing but the best for your dog. Our exclusive collection of leash and toys are hand-crafted to excellence, serving a need, not just a want!

Exclusive Collection

For any order related queries, kindly write to us on or chat with our team below

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