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Creating a mutual bond of

Our Story

All Ears is a humble service co-founded by Divya Sanbhwani and her cat, Scarlett, who guided her to the path of serving animals as her true purpose in life. Divya has always been fond of animals ever since she was a little child. Her curiosity led her into the world of telepathic communication with animals, plants and nature and it’s when she decided to introduce All Ears, as a safe space for animals to feel heard and express their heart out.

Divya Sanbhwani is a certified Canine Behaviorist and specializes in training techniques that do not involve any kind of treats bribes or choke chains, just love. Her training programs enables the pet parents to Unleash the Trainer within themselves as she works on strengthening your bond as training your own dog, rather than involving a third person your dog is expected to listen to. 

Furthermore, Divya has been in the field of working with animals since 2016 and believes that she wouldn’t have transformed her passion into her profession if it wouldn’t be for the four little paws paving her path and leading the way.

Why are we called All Ears?

Listening is a wonderful quality we possess as humans. When we listen intently - we feel educated, entertained, or enlightened. Just by offering an ear to a loved one who would like to express their deepest concerns can improve the situation in itself. As pet parents, we expect basic things from our dogs, whether it's wanting him to sit on command, walk on cue, among other things, but what we forget to do is listen to what they would like from us. Keeping the conversation two-way encourages us to see things beyond our perspective too, especially for our dearest dogs!

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Where did it all begin?

A puppy called Chiman Charlie enters our lives, brings in curiousity in the mind of a 7 year old Divya, and that's where it all began. Many years and about a hundred dogs later, Divya finally decided to devote her life to serving animals, Starting her journey with a local animal shelter, she kept aside the pen and paper, and learnt directly from the animals instead.

Our Mission

To create a life-long harmonious pet and parent relationship through training and communication.

Bridging the gap of communication, All Ears believes listening can solve any problem, no matter how grave the situation is.

As a brand who is ALL ABOUT DOGS, we help you become the best pet parent your dog can ask for!


Let's Connect!

As someone who is open to listening and understanding the concerns of pet parents, we'd love to connect with you to be All Ears to what you'd like to share. If you feel you have something you'd like to vent about how your dog loves to chew on things, or talk about how cute he looked sleeping upside down, trust us - we'd wish to hear all about it! Connect with us on the numbers given below or write to us directly at

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