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When you decided to get a puppy home,
did you feel it would be easier than this?

Here's a little secret, getting a puppy home would seem like the best choice you have made in your life, but it is also essential to recognize the puppy's needs and wants. Enter All Ears....

Image by David Clarke

All Ears combines training and communication to create deeper bonds with your dog. This way, you don't have to constantly second guess what you and your puppy are saying to each other.

It's like finally speaking the same language, ie. the DOG language to speak to a dog, which means we train you how dogs train each other and learn best through verbal commands, hand signals, and body language.

Don't worry, we can assure you that
it doesn't have to be this hard...

Image by R.D. Smith

Firstly, we would want you to differentiate
between symptoms and causes

What's more? All Ears training sessions are broken down into the symptoms and their root cause. You may express your concern in puppy biting, shredding, teething, etc which are mere symptoms and come under the same cause, lack of discipline. 

Let's together work on solving the problem from the grass-roots level to avoid any surface-level symptoms, now or in the future. 

Image by Daniël Maas

When we work on the core issues, things begins to shift for us and our puppy

Image by Veronika Jorjobert

Working on the core means you are actually focusing on what your puppy is really trying to convey to you through their behavior. It's being All Ears in its truest essence. Offering a treat or toy as a redirection or giving a timeout is never the answer!


If your puppy has learned undesirable behavior, he needs to be corrected, not punished or rewarded! Only when we teach our dogs what is ideal responsible behavior, only then we can expect them to practice it, which is what training is all about!

Here's how we can assist you - we become
a mediator and train you, to train them!

Yes, you read that right! We train you to train your dog as a mediator! It's important for us to make you independent of us once the training course is over, after all, you are the pet parent your dog is spending their entire life with, not us!


Training is not about how well we can control our dogs, it's simply about giving them the freedom and teaching them to listen and trust you anytime, anywhere. You dream it, we make it a reality!

Image by Eric Ward

What makes our training different?


No Treats

Positive Reinforcement such as Treats work to a certain extent, but should not be relied upon to teach or correct learnt behaviors


Making you Independent

We work on creating a bond between you and your dog, thus making you independent of a trainer for life, making you the leader in the dog's eyes


Training with Communication

It's important to let your dog know WHY is the command being taught to him and why you want him to trust you, thats where communication
comes in training


Customized to every dog

Every dog comes with a different personality and every command/technique is personalised and suited to his needs and concerns


No Tricks

Tricks are great for bonding but not to teach discipline to your dog. Tricks serve no purpose apart from entertainment


Achieving Results the same day

When we speak the same language as dogs, they learn and comprehend much quicker! Hence you see results that very day!

List of Services

Please note: All training programs. sessions and retreats are non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-refundable in nature
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