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Ulti-Mutt Canine Training Program

Our flagship 3-Month Training Course covering Holistic Commands & More

  • 13 hr
  • Mumbai

About the Session

Presenting, a course one of its kind! Our Training Program is spread over a period of 3 Months divided into 13 Sessions - one each week! We believe, training is not about how well we can control our dog, it's simply about giving them the freedom to be responsible and teaching them to listen. In these 13 Sessions, our training team focuses on train you and your entire family to train your dog. This way, you can easily handle your dog anytime, anywhere, no matter where you travel in this world! What's More? - All Commands are taught without the use of any treats or choke chains - No tricks are covered under this program - This course contains a combination of training and communication What is covered in these 13 Sessions? - Understanding what is off limits - Toilet Training - Basic and Advanced Obedience Commands - Walking On & Off Leash - Not Running Out of Open Doors/Gates - Maintaining a Healthy Diet & Grooming - Separation Anxiety - Any other Behavioral Issues - Revision of all commands taught and Graduation Our methods are a little different but they're a popular choice in the animal world! Have you ever seen a four-legged mother use treats to teach her child to sit? Or maybe bring in the choke chain when her puppy is being naughty? We don’t think so. At All Ears, you’d see trainers use techniques that are quite famous and conventional in the species of canines. To keep it simple, our approach is derived from how one dog would train another dog! You would have noticed how much your dog observes your body language every time you engage with him? With easy verbal commands and hand signals for training, our dogs can pick up exactly what we wish to say to them!

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