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Beat the Summer Heat: 4 Healthy Snacks for your Dog!

With the October heat sparing no soul to burst into flames, it's time to put our chef hats on and create some uber-cool recipes to beat the summer!

Our dogs depend on us for their nutrition and health care needs and it's essential for us to provide nothing but the best to suit their needs based on what they like, and love.

Just like our bodies require different kinds of food intake with the weather changing, our pets too follow the same pattern to maintain a healthy bodily function during the year. With every season passing, it's important to nourish their bodies with the right kind of foods keeping them healthy and happy.

During summers, it's great to offer an additional source of hydration or cooling agents for our pets. This way, their body is able to create a balance between the temperature outside to the temperature inside of the body. You may also notice how dogs tend to eat a lot lesser during summers as their appetite reduces but while this happens, they do also actively drink a lot more fluids and fruits.

Presenting, four simple snack ideas serving your dog's summer needs!

1. Watermelon-Mint Slushie

Watermelons are 90% water, making them an ideal summer food for all! Super hydrating, packed with potassium and vitamins like B6, A, and C - when combined with mint which has cooling properties too can be a great snack for your little dog and you!

All you need is:

-Fresh Watermelon (Make sure you remove all the seeds beforehand)

-Few cubes of Ice or cold water

-Fresh Mint Leaves


Blend the ingredients together to create a slushie consistency and pour it right into your dog's bowl. Serve it fresh and chilled. Top it up with mint leaves or if your dog is a fussy eater then blend it along with the rest of the ingredients. Make sure you don't serve this right after your dog returns from a walk or his body temperature is too hot.


You can try replacing the slushie with ice cubes by filling up an ice tray with the same preparation and serve it per cube. This will also help your teething puppy find solace in his itchy teeth!

2. Chia-Coconut Water

Did you know fresh coconut water is a great source of hydration for your dog? In India, a place where coconuts are easily accessible, serving this to your dog has never been this easy!

All you need is:

-Fresh Coconut (Water Heavy, not Malai)

-One spoon of Chia seeds


Soak the Chia seeds in a bowl till they expand. Once that happens, pour it into your dog's bowl along with freshly sourced coconut water and mix it up with a spoon to avoid settling it at the bottom. No need to add ice or freeze it as chia seeds in themselves are a cooling agent for the stomach.

3. Blueberry Chaas

Yummy! Yogurt, in its processed form actually works great as a probiotic for our dogs. Although dogs are lactose intolerant, serving yogurt in moderation is proven to be healthy in the long run. The cool bacteria present helps to fight the excess heat in the body. The lactic acid bacteria present in yogurt and chaas are beneficial for your dog's gastrointestinal system. Blueberries are high in fiber and vitamin C and low in fat, they also help in increasing antioxidants in the blood. Since they are low in calories and sugar they make a perfect feel-good treat for the summers!

All you need is:

- Unsweetened and plain yogurt (home made/market)

- Fresh mint leaves (optional)

- 2-3 Blueberries (frozen or fresh)

- Few cubes of ice


Blend in all the ingredients till it turns chaas-like consistency ie. bubbly and thin. Add some ice cubes on top and add serve it fresh.


You can always replace the blueberries with strawberries as they only work well for dogs in their blended form. If you're looking for a simpler ingredient you can go for mango or apples too!

4. Fresh Ice Cream made at home!

Saving the best for the last! Whoever said ice cream for dogs cannot be made at home clearly hasn't worked with All Ears! We're here to teach you to the best way to serve your dog some super yum homemade fresh ice cream.

All you need is:

- 1/4th cup coconut milk (fresh or tetra pack from the market)

- 2 frozen ripe bananas

- 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

- 1 tablespoon dog peanut butter


Blend the bananas into a puree form along with the cinnamon and peanut butter. Keep adding the coconut milk bit by bit to make sure the consistency remains mousse-like texture and not runny. Once you feel you have achieved a texture, pour it all into a glass container with a cling wrap sealed on top right before placing the lid. Keep it in the freezer for 12 hours and serve it chilled to your dog in his bowl to enjoy!

Did you like what you read? We're glad to help you with our crazy unique recipes and do tag us on Instagram while you serve your dog some of these delicious summer beats, we'll be waiting!

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