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When the Animals taught me about being a Human

Back when I was younger, I almost always would spend my summer breaks from school at grandpa’s house, which was located right opposite a home to animal lovers. That was my first ever interaction with a dog. Chiman Charlie, as they would call him, became my one and only friend who taught me all about the love we receive from animals.

His family would speak to him in their regional language and he would respond with non-verbal movements in validation. As a 6-year-old, I was fascinated beyond imagination to even understand how another species like him understand and converse with us!

It was that day, and it’s today, that I’ve began my journey of Animal Communication to offer a ear to all of animals and nature, just like I did all those years ago. I would always consider them as the greatest teachers, and every animal I meet and every case I work on is another chance for me to be humbled by their vast love and knowledge.

Fast forward to when I turned 21, freshly out of college, I began my internship in a media firm as a Graphic Designer. Even at work, my desktop would have wallpaper of photogenic dogs and I'd have little figurines of animals placed in a row on my desk. Every morning, I'd wake up dreaming of entering a workplace filled with animals until one day, I decided to make that dream a reality. I put down my papers and booked an appointment with a well-known Animal Trainer.

Upon meeting her, she straight up told me it would be difficult for me to work with animals because I have never had a pet of my own, let alone train one! That day, I had two choices, one, to give up and get back into a 9-5 desk job. Or two, chase my calling.

Since then, I have been working with an animal shelter assisting the team to take care of over 500 animals at once and honing my skills to start this professionally.

All these years, I've had my four-legged spirit guides show me the way to their hearts and I have decided to follow them for the rest of my life, dedicating my time to the service of animals and nature.

I am grateful to every being who has supported me throughout this journey and of course, my eternal teachers, the animals itself.

Thank you.

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