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Undertaker- A Brave Soldier

With all the animals we have spoken to over the years, our team had the privilege to connect with a four legged Canine Army Soldier who sacrificed his life for the country.

His handler, a retired army officer, shared the heart-wrenching story of Undertaker taking a bullet to his heart to find his peace. Unfortunately, the bullet was released by the handler himself to relieve the immense pain Undertaker was in, due to the injuries he faced on field to protect his platoon. A brave life attained solace that day but his handler never slept a night for four years. He couldn't forgive himself to hurt his own brother and wanted to know if Undertaker knows his share of reasons and could ever acquit him from his deed.

When we began the chat, Undertaker brought in a sense of calmness along with him and expressed his concern for his handler. He was happy to share moments of his current life as a police dog, serving the community as his sole/soul purpose.

We asked him just one question, how did you feel when it happened?

In a single breath, Undertaker knew exactly what he wanted to answer to his brother. To quote a snippet from what he shared,

"You did what you had to do, my death was not your fault. Let go of it and be happy with the memories that I left you with."

He moved onto painting a beautiful visual of a mosque with their daily prayer on speaker in the background, reminiscing their times together.

We asked Undertaker, why this?

A being of less words, Undertaker, simply poured his emotions in just one sentence,

"Look carefully, they are as human as we are. They are asking for forgiveness just like you are, then where is the difference? They were loyal to their motherland, we were to ours. Hate only hurts you. Not them."

Undertaker, towards the end, left with a message dedicated to his dearest brother.

"You could have left me to stop breathing eventually only to never take the guilt with you to the grave that you hurt me intentionally. But you chose to put me first and relieve me off my suffering, you made a self-less decision, and for that, I consider you a true soldier, the bravest one I know."

With just one heart-to-heart communication, his handler experienced his first calming night out of many, knowing well that Undertaker was always watching over him, having his back, just as promised.

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