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Rain or Shine, walking your Dog has never been this fun!

With the monsoon season entering Mumbai and several other parts of the country, it is important to be precautious of taking our Dogs out for their routine walks on the street. However, this does not mean the walks can't be fun! Cutting down on the walk for various reasons associated to the weather just makes it unfair for the puppy to miss his daily adventure!

We, at All Ears, have curated some great ways we can make rains worth a while for your canine friend!

1. Check with your dog how he/she feels about the Rains

Throughout various training sessions, we have seen extremists as dogs who love soaking up some rain as they run around and play whereas others who hide under the couch when the lightening strikes or preferring not to step into anything wet, hopping over puddles as they go. There also exist some dogs who aren't really bothered, they only care about doing their business and going with the flow.

The first step is to understand which category does your dog fall into and moulding a schedule according to that. Remember, the walks are meant to be for their enjoyment, and in most cases are the best part of their day. Controlling that with our issues of cleanliness or our likes/dislikes is a non-objective way to look at it. We say, taking action based on their reaction is the best way to go.

2. Avoid Rain Gear for Dogs

Yes, our puppies would look absolutely adorable in the cutest booties we got them to be safe from the muddy puddles, but are they really comfortable wearing it? In the market, we do see customized rain coats, gum boots and many more items designed specifically to suit your dog's needs, but in all honesty, are they suiting your dog's needs or yours? Our suggestion is to leave the choice on your dog how okay he/she with a rain gear on, do they feel more motivated to walk, even during a light drizzle, only if they have it on? Animals have been created in a way to handle all weather conditions, that's why we would see more of furry dogs in snowy areas and short-haired dogs in areas where summers are more prominent. We say, our dogs are the best judge to what makes them happy, simply asking them will do the deed.

3. Cleaning Up after the Walk

It is extremely necessary to clean up each time your dog returns from a walk in the rain or from damp areas to make sure no dirt is stuck to their paws or the body.

If it was just a regular walk just after a heavy shower, a simple wipe off with a semi-dry cloth all around the legs and especially the paws is recommended. If your puppy had a dance off with a peacock in the rain, having the time of his life, don't worry! With the leash on, just take him to your bathroom, rinse him off with a hand shower/jet spray to get rid of any rain water dirt and dry him up well with a towel/hair dryer.

4. Chasing the Rainbow

If your dog falls into the category of a total no-no of the rains, that's all right! We still love and accept their choices and give them the chance to chase the rainbow when the sun is bright. In such cases, we suggest you be on a stern lookout for the rains to halt and jump to the opportunity of taking your dog down for a walk. Even if it is your own building complex, if not the streets, it's okay! The end objective is to offer your dog some time to be out for a break, just like we all sometimes need, right? A ProTip from All Ears would be to carry an umbrella with you just incase it begins to drizzle, that way you are able to cover up while you run back home!

5. Being Mindful

Lastly, it is essential to be mindful and take care when it comes to maintaining immunity during the season. The idea is not to become extremely paranoid or extremely free, rather maintain a balance of fun and caution at the same time. Being mindful of your dog's health as well as yours is of utmost importance.

So, do let us know how these pointers were helpful to you in the comments below and share with a fellow pet parent! Thank you for reading and we hope you are able to apply these into your lives for many more seasons to come!

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