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Nosey-Lickin' Good = A Balanced and Healthy Diet

The battle between fresh home cooked food vs. the packaged food has always topped the list with most clients we have worked in the past and now.

If you're too, here to find the answer to that question, at All Ears, we say,

Ask your pet!

Yes! Just like all of us are pretty vocal but what we are okay to eat (read: tolerate) and what we love to chew on (read: gobble up), our animals too have their own share of likes and dislikes when it comes to food that is served to them.

Let's put ourselves in our pet's shoes for just one minute here, whether we have a cat, dog or a hamster it doesn't matter, we want you to close your eyes and just imagine you are your animal. Now think, you're feeling really hungry, and at this moment, what are you craving? What would you absolutely LOVE to bite into, try giving yourself some options like we usually do when we plan dinner. Are we in mood for some fresh rice and meat, or something raw or packet food? You have your answers right there.

This short exercise would bring in more clarity on how your pet feels about the food he is fed.

#AllEarsRecommends offering your pet a bowl of fresh food each day, as a balanced and healthy meal for a long and happy life.

Every individual loves the smell, taste and sight of freshly cooked food, so what makes you think our animals are any different?

It's pretty simple! Starting your pet on home-cooked food isn't rocket science, sure, pellets or packaged food are much easier alternatives, but don't we all know the feeling of indulging in some yummy-yummy! We all cook for ourselves daily at home, so presenting below, are some useful tips with our regular household ingredients:

  • Chalk out a balanced diet of wholesome carbohydrates (rice, poha, oats etc), protein (any type of regular meat, paneer, soyabean, dals etc) and nutrients (green and other vegetables without seeds) in equality and test out different options to offer something new and colorful on their bowl every other day! Who wouldn't love that?

  • Unlike us humans, the animal's body, is not advisable for little meals with breaks throughout the day, with the help of a vet, you can identity ideal meal times for your pet plating out a tummy-filling meal, which in most adult aged cases are twice a day. When it comes to puppies or kittens, it is advised to divide the same meal portion into smaller parts as their energy levels and activities are much higher.

  • Make Snackie time a healthy time! Instead of feeding your pet store-bought biscuits, offer some juicy fruits such as watermelons, apples etc without the seeds. Just to be safe, do a quick google check before feeding a new fruit to your kiddo! Why stop there? Chop up some veggies he loves like carrots (crunchy crunchy) or mashed sweet potatoes as filler meals.

  • Replace preservative-filled treats with home-made treats - How? Whip out some peanut butter on apple slices or gourmet it with fancy pumpkin. Channelize your inner baker by following some online recipes of DIY tasty treats for your pets.

  • When your little one is feeling under the weather, avoid packaged food as it harder to digest under such circumstances. Rather, offer him a bowl of fresh chicken broth or soup of his liking till he recovers back to normal. In Indian households, a combination of plain curd and rice also acts as a great probiotic to fight the bacteria in the body.

We hope this guides you to more conscious decision of what we are putting into our pet's body. Our pets trust us with the decision we would take in their best interest and living to that is extremely important. Incase you're not able to find time, we suggest you look for pet tiffin services around you for further assistance.

This is just a tip of an iceberg! For a detailed professional consultation on your doggie's diet, sign up for a canine consultation on our website right here!

For a quick telepathic communication session with your pet to understand his food choices better, hit us up and we'll be happy to serve them (pun intended)

Drop in a little heart if you loved reading this and share feedback in the comments below!

Happy Cooking!


Note: All tips are offered as suggestions and can be applied only after guidance from your vet who is aware of your dog's medical history and allergies. Kindly base your actions after a research online or discussion with a pet professional only.

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