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Meet Scarlett.

Three years ago, I adopted my first ever four-legged child from an animal shelter who came in as an abused kitten case. It was an instant connection where I knew I wanted to take her home the first time I laid eyes on her.

I love animals but as a first-time pet parent, my apprehensions on my incompetence as a caregiver took over, like how do I know what she would like to eat, where to sleep, what she dislikes etc.

Scarlett, in few months, went from a naughty kitten to an extremely aggressive cat. She would scratch and scowl at the family when they would come close, refuse to eat and bully the members to get what she wants.

In the midst of contacting several cat trainers for her, I stumbled upon an Animal Communication and Reiki Workshop for which I registered immediately! Learning to communicate with Scarlett and receiving answers from other animal communicators present just astonishing to a level I could not even imagine.

Scarlett was clear with what she felt from within and what she would like us to do about it. She shared with everyone how she has been experiencing severe anxiety and does not feel comfortable like before. She also added saying how her person, also was experiencing anxiety attacks and she was being a mirror to it to show her the effects.

Hearing that, as her family started making actual changes in our life, not just using healing modalities such as Reiki to help her but also ourselves and work inside out.

Scarlett and my bond changed that day. Since then, I stopped looking at her as just a rescued cat I picked up and now see her as a guide who is always helping me evolve into a better individual. Animal Communication has developed our relationship to a soul-to-soul connection. It helps in every single step of our day, right from asking her whether she would prefer pumpkin or peas in her lunch, or deeper conversations like what’s her purpose in my life?

To you all, I would say explore the beautiful gift of Animal Communication and power of simply listening!

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