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Training YOU to train your dog, 
without treats, crates or chains

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Divya Sanbhwani - Co-founder & Head Trainer at All Ears

In order to understand and raise a dog, you need think, feel, behave like a dog, and we help you with exactly that! It's time to strengthen the bond of TRUST for your dog to listen to you anytime, anywhere - without relying on a treat or force! 

INR 3500

INR 499

Claim the discount of 70% OFF only for you valid till 13th August 2024

When do Pet Parents take a session?

It's only natural to ask yourself - how will this session help with your dog?

Here are three main categories when Pet Parents schedule a session with All Ears 

And here's what they say AFTER
training with All Ears

Training Puppies right from a young age for a life-long bond of trust, respect & love!
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Working as a mediator
for dogs with
extreme behavioral concerns
even as an adult dog!
There is no such thing as an Indie or a Rescue cannot be trained! We couldn't be more proud of far they come with the right kind of training reaches them
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No matter what part
of the world you stay
with your dog,
shows the best
results too! Read the
reviews yourself!
Having issues taking
care of multiple dogs at home? Aligning their mind, body and spirit is KEY to a harmonious pack, not chaotic!
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These are only a few of over 10,000 families all over the world over 8+ years who have signed up for a life-long journey of mutual love, respect and trust
by training their dog in Freedom and Responsibility!

So, what are you waiting for? Time to un-leash your true potential
as the best Pack Leader your dog deserves!

INR 499

INR 3500

Claim the discount of 70% OFF only for you valid till 13th August 2024

Here's a glimpse of what will change
when you Train with All Ears

Are you tired of your dog not listening to you? Do you feel life would be much easier if your dog would

JUST UNDERSTAND for once what you're trying to say to them and adhere to it!

Well, if you're thinking this, then there is a strong chance you aren't thinking LIKE A DOG!

Here is how All Ears can help you improve your relationship with your dog in a much more

communicative, understanding and loving bond you and your dog both are looking for!

WE GIVE YOU 7 KEY REASONS TO UN-LEASH, literally! Read them below:

Training you in specialised techniques derived by how one dog trains ANOTHER DOG
Using hand signals, body language, and verbal
commands instead of treats, chains, or crates
The focus remains on LIFE SKILLS than tricks. We specialize in learning commands such as learning what is off-limits, boundaries, basic and advanced obedience commands, walking on and off leash by your side and much more! 
Work on the ROOT CAUSE of every concerning behavior issue expressed by you and address it to understand the WHY
Strongly against the idea of using treats to distract or crate, muzzles or chaining to restrict as a so called 'solution' to major behavioral concerns
Combining Freedom with Responsibility so that no dog feels compromised on their freedom by ensuring they learn ideal behavior even off-leash!
End goal of training is of creating a mutual bond of love, respect and trust to walk your dog, even off-leash!

Keep swiping to witness the adventurous life of all our dogs, off-leash!

What if we say THIS could be your life?

All it takes is 60 seconds to invest in learning
for a life-long of implementation❤️

Offer valid till 13th August 2024 only

Know your Trainer

Hey there, Pet Parent! My name is Divya Sanbhwani! 👋

Just like you, I too have shared extreme love and fondness towards animals ever since I've known myself. Right from a young age, I was curious about how they behaved and even today, after completing over 8+ years of working alongside animals and training over 10,000+ families all over the world, I can proudly say I am still learning something new each day with every dog I meet and interact with!

I, from the bottom of my heart, believe dogs are great companions and make greater guides once we tune into their world. There is a definite reason why they enter our lives and aligning their purpose with ours is what we seldom preach at All Ears. 

I always tell my team that our happiest moment isn't when a pet parent signs up for the training program with their dog, rather it's the moment they graduate truly transforming themselves into a Pack Leader whom their dog can trust, love, and respect all their life no matter where they set their adventure! If you're planning to take a one-on-one session with me, I honestly cannot wait to paw-tner with your dog to train you! Looking forward

See you in the classroom! 🐶

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All we need is your Patience, Persistence, and Practice to enable YOU as a Pack Leader
your dog can bank on all their life

All you need is an expert Canine Trainer & Behaviorist

who can help you with exactly that

INR 499

INR 3500

Claim the discount of 70% OFF only for you valid till 13th August 2024

Please note: This will be an online session with your family and your dog making easy for you to register from any part of the world

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